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Gmail email service is the easiest to be used for the smooth, instant, and also easy exchange of emails among the people using the internet all around the globe.

What is Some Astonishing Hidden Gmail feature?

Gmail is very useful, and it doesn’t add advertisements to the signature line of the email messages. Gmail also provides a generous amount of Storage Space which can be stretched if required. Gmail has also hidden hacks and features. Gmail comes with some astonishing features that will lure people to use this email service.
Gmail has also some hidden features and hacks and we are here with some of Gmail’s best-known secrets that will enhance the experience of using Gmail. Let’s move ahead with some astonishing Gmail features to enjoy this email service.
Some Astonishing Gmail Features – Enhance your experience
You can enhance the experience of using the Gmail service by using Gmail features. These unbelievable features will really lure you.
Experimental Features with Gmail Labs
Gmail Labs is the best feature that allows you to experiment with the features which are not ready to use. These features have become famous, and they might be integrated into the main Gmail interface. Mail Goggles is an example of tools that have included and a feature which attempted to allow the sobriety test before allowing you for sending an email on the weekend.
Unlimited Alternate Email Addresses
By adding a dot or the + changing capitalization, you easily can configure one of the Gmail accounts into many different addresses. It is quite useful when you want to pre-filter emails. For instance, use a different variation of the email address of Gmail to filter messages from the newsletter to which you have to subscribe to. You can also use the Gmail alias functionality from the Settings to set up different addresses. This is a great way to manage and keep your mail organized.
Track Readers
Are you stuck because of a message “Sorry! Didn’t see the email” Excuse? Don’t worry, you can find your email which was read. There are some chrome extensions that can say when your email was opened. They also can show the times when an email was opened and from where the person has opened it, and on what device.
Drive-up your email that is a link sharing platform, also released Dmail and a Chrome extension which makes your emails self-destructed and currently, Google has updated its service Gmail with an “Undo Send” option that allows you to cancel an email.
Add Gmail Themes
Instead of using the same Gmail background, you should use Gmail themes. Some of the themes change during the day, just similar to iGoogle themes and some themes are ideal to make email tougher to read but yes more of them are really fun.
Be More Creative
You should make a to-do list like The Milk as it installs a checklist just on the right side of the Gmail for the Firefox and Chrome browsers. You can adapt the messages into a task and then, connect your to-do list to Google Contacts and Calendars.
Gmail To-do-list will organize the task list in Chronological order. It also allows you to add emails to the list, allot the projects to other people, and get the progress updates. You will see a Mobile version of the plug-in therefore you can easily access the list from anywhere.
Schedule Appointments. Gmail Labs come with the feature which will pull the Google Calendar next to your inbox for simple scheduling.
Get all your mail in one view and Labs have also a handy way for you to check multiple email accounts simultaneously
Get IMAP and POP Mail
If you don’t like the Gmail interface, then you should use your favorite email customer. Gmail is compatible with POP and IMAP that are industry standards for desktop email customers. It means that you can use Thunderbird, Outlook, or Mac Mail with the Gmail account.
Manage Alerts and Updates
Work Offline is a Google app that allows you to read and reply to emails without a network connection. It means that you can easily work without any delay or distraction with the new updates unless you want to connect it again.
Get Instant Notifications. It comes with Checker Plus that effectively displays the number of emails you have without opening the browser and adapting Windows back and forth. You even can reply to it directly via the Pop-Ups.
Allow Gmail to text you with AwayFind as it is a paid service that promises to relax you from checking the inbox on a frequent basis. Rather than, you can say the app to call or text you in case if certain people are sending emails to you.
Email Scheduling
Gmail can schedule an email for sending at any time in the future, for instance, for sending a message on the birthday of friends. You should use an arrow to Send in the Compose Window and after that, select the Schedule send. From there, select a date and the time for sending it.
Google Apps for Sending Gmail from Domain
Using Gmail address contact professionally doesn’t look professional. If you have owned your domain, then use Google Apps for Work to adapt your domain address into your personal Gmail account. Check other email accounts from Gmail rather than using a different mail app.
Check Status of Gmail Server
Gmail is legitimate enough that the outage makes the news. That doesn’t mean that the outages don’t occur. In case if you think that Gmail is down then, you should check the Google Apps Status Dashboard. You will get it if Gmail is running, and if it is down, you will get details about when it is expected to be online.
These are a few astonishing hidden Gmail features and for that, you should enable and take advantage of them. These features will really help you out and enhance your experience of using Gmail. You can call on Gmail Customer Care UK for better communication.
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