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Gmail email service is the easiest to be used for the smooth, instant, and also easy exchange of emails among the people using the internet all around the globe.

How can I use Gmail chat properly?

Gmail is their favorite for people for many reasons the most common reason is there is no other email service except for Gmail that provides people with so many features and it is because of those efficient advanced features that people are able to use the service with so much ease and everything is so smooth. But here, for now, we will only focus on the Gmail chat feature; it is so as it will create more chaos and confusion if we will be discussing all those features in one go, so for now, let us all just focus on the Gmail chat feature.

Table Of Content:

  • Using Gmail chat feature properly:
  • Starting a new chat in Gmail chat feature
  • Creating a group
  • Editing settings in Gmail chat feature

Using Gmail chat feature properly:

It can be said that as there are innumerable features that are there associated with the Gmail service, therefore it often becomes a problem for the users to be well versed with all its features in general. In the case of the Gmail email service; there are so many features that are still not known to people even when they are using Gmail for so many years. Now, when there are still some features regarding which the users do not know then using those features properly is definitely out of question. Here, in the guide, we will see how the user can easily use the Gmail chat feature in a proper way.

Starting a new chat in Gmail chat feature
  • For starting a new chat in Gmail chat feature, the users will need to follow the steps given below:
  • In the Gmail chat window, you will need to go to the left-hand column
  • Next, below your email folders, you will get to see a chat space
  • There in that chat space, you will read “no recent chats”
  • Also, there will be a link on the display indicating “start a new one”
  • As you will click on that link you will then be able to get started with the chat
  • Next, you will need to enter there the email address of the person with whom you want to talk
  • After this, click on the email address along with “add to contacts”

Creating a group

This is also a part of the Gmail chat feature; in order to get the group created you will need to follow the given steps:

  • You will click on the person icon
  • From there you will be able to get started with the video calling

This is all still very basic knowledge; one more thing that is still not known to people is that they can also edit the settings of Google chat or Gmail chat as it is called.

Editing settings in Gmail chat feature

In order to get the settings edited in the Gmail chat feature, you will need to follow the steps given below:

  • For that in Google chat, you will first of all need to click on the cogwheel
  • You can also get your message personalized by adding an emoticon to that
  • Also, you are free to send drawings and images through this feature
  • Through the same editing settings, you can also make changes in the privacy settings
  • In the privacy settings, the users can block contacts or they can also delete messages also they can turn off notifications if that is required.
  • Once the settings are done accordingly you can then click on “ok”

The Gmail chat feature is really very easy to use, but still, as there is technology involved therefore the user will need to follow certain guidelines. Only under proper guidance, the user will be able to make efficient use of the feature. The advancements associated with the services like Gmail are something that only satisfies the user if he or she is able to make efficient use of the features associated with these services. So, here this guide is really going to make Gmail friendlier for its users through the Gmail chat.


If it is regarding the efficient use of the Gmail chat feature, then it can be said that the guide has explained each and everything very well. The users just need to read through it attentively everything will be very clear and further the user will be able to use the feature correctly.

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